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Thank you for ordering through Edwards Health Care Services (EHCS)! So that we may accurately and promptly ship your products, please agree to the following terms and conditions by checking the “Agree” box after you’ve finished reading.

You are responsible for paying EHCS for any supplies or services that you order. You will notify EHCS of any changes in your information, including contact information, physical address and credit card number and expiration date.

You authorize EHCS to contact your doctor to obtain and verify my prescription(s) or to get a renewal on your prescription.

You authorize EHCS to contact you by telephone, auto call, mail, email, text or other means to obtain authorization for shipments. By providing your email to EHCS, you understand that you may receive additional marketing information on EHCS products and services. EHCS will not sell or transfer your name or contact information to any third party for its marketing use.