FreeStyle Libre 14 Day System Starter Kit


Perfect for those who have never been on the FreeStyle Libre system!

The FreeStyle Libre 14 Day System:

  • Sensors last for 14 days and require just a 1-hour warm-up period
  • Reader captures glucose data from the sensor with a 1-second scan
  • Reader stores up to 90 days of glucose data
  • No coding and no fingerstick calibration required
  • Accurate sensor readings (See FreeStyle Libre User Manual)
  • Backlit color touchscreen with four reports at your fingertips
  • With a quick scan, patients can see:
    • Current glucose reading and trend arrow
    • A trend graph depicting latest 8 hours of glucose history

The FreeStyle Libre 14 Day System Starter Kit is the easiest way to get started and comes with a reader and two 14 day sensors (one sensor per box).

The FDA requires a prescription for the FreeStyle Libre system.
For FreeStyle Libre system indications and important safety information, go to:

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